Prefabricated Houses - Is This the Future of UK Housing?

Over the past few years, prefabricated houses have soared in popularity because of the housing shortage in the UK. Brexit and an ageing workforce of skilled construction workers have also led to a revival of prefabricated homes.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea about prefabricated houses – they’re not the cheap, mass-produced buildings that were common during the post-war. In fact, prefabricated homes have come a long way, and modern prefabricated homes are flexible, hardwearing and high-tech. They are also available in various designs and styles ranging from luxurious to economical.

In fact, prefabricated homes have come a long way, and modern prefabricated homes are flexible, hardwearing and high-tech.

The government has also announced a target for building up to 300,000 homes every year by the middle of the next decade. Different prefabricated house manufacturers will build most of these homes. Already, there is a significant rise in prefabricated homes all over.

So, are prefabricated homes really the future of housing in the UK? Let’s take a closer look at this today.

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Prefabricated homes offer a range of benefits

The prefabricated homes of today set the benchmark for cutting-edge and high-tech design. They are manufactured in exceedingly controlled factories, and they are precisely assembled onsite.

Thanks to this, prefabricated houses are immensely flexible. Once built, they can be installed in a matter of days to the exact requirements that you have.

Prefabricated homes also come in a range of luxury and economy versions. A cheap prefabricated home costs less than £50,000 (excluding land), which is certainly economical.

What you need a prefabricated home

While you may be excited about prefabricated homes, you’ll need to understand that there are some problems with them. First is the problem of finding the land to place a prefabricated home. The land is already scarce here in the UK and finding new land can be time-consuming. Most people choose to knock down existing buildings to put up a prefabricated building.

When installing a prefabricated home onsite, you’ll also need a concrete foundation. For best results, you should use a concrete slab that is prepared onsite in a volumetric truck and not in a factory. This will give you better flexibility with your concrete foundation and concrete slab, which will ultimately lead to a better build.

And, for all your concrete slab and concrete foundation needs, look no further than the experts at Mister Concrete. Our high-grade ready-mix concrete is the best choice for your prefabricated house project.

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Some of the best-prefabricated homes in the UK

To leave you in awe of the latest prefabricated homes, here are some of the luxury prefabs in the UK.

Huf Haus is arguably the most well-recognised luxury prefab brand. This German brand is known for using distinctive styling elements of glass and wood frames. They take about a week to install and cost approximately £300 per square foot.

Baufritz is another well-known luxury prefab brand from Germany, known for ultra-fast installation (usually 3-4 days). The unique thing about this brand is that it uses 100% natural materials wherever possible. The average cost of their homes is about £186 per square foot.

These are only some of the best prefab homes that money can buy today. Most brands also offer assistance to guide customers into finding the right prefab home for their needs.


Prefabricated homes are increasing in popularity here in the UK. They are flexible, high tech and come in grand designs. Prefabricated homes are also available both in luxury and economical versions, and you can have one built for less than £50,000. Prefabricated homes can be installed in no time at all and to the exact requirements of owners.

To install a prefabricated home, you’ll need empty land. For this, you may need to knock down an existing building as land is scarce here in the UK. During installation, you’ll also need lots of quality concrete foundation and concrete slab.

For all your concrete needs, consider us here at Mister Concrete. We’re your number one choice for onsite ready-mix concrete that meets all your needs and requirements.

To find out more about why our ready-mix concrete is the best choice for prefabricated homes, please get in touch with us. Our experts will be more than happy to help.

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