Modern Line pump fleet ready to be hired

If you need your concrete mix delivered to a location that is not easily accessible by a concrete truck, concrete pumping is a highly effective way to do it.

Mister Concrete Ltd. has got a range of modern landline concrete pumps available for hire across the London. Getting the batch to a rear garden, indoors or a different floor is no problem with our pumps.

mister concrete pumping

Our modern fleet of concrete line pumps can pump the concrete up to 150 meters horizontally and 50 meters vertically.

All of our concrete line pump trucks are regularly equipped with pipes to reach up to 45 meters so if you need more please ask office for more details.

We realize how important it is to keep a site clean; therefore we pay an extra attention that the concrete goes only where it is supposed to go, without leaving any mess. Concrete pump hire from Mister Concrete is a solution to any messy job. Our experienced team is always ready to provide free technical consultancy, should you need an advice with the concrete pumping.

concrete pump hire london
  • Minimum mess
  • Up to 150 meters horizontally and 50 meters vertically
  • Able to get to inaccessible areas - rear garden, indoors or upstairs
  • Less manual labour – no more buckets, barrows, cranes or dumper trucks

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Mister Concrete supplies a high quality ready mixed & onsite mixed concrete and floor screed for domestic, commercial and industrial projects while minimizing environmental impact by meeting all regulations.