What exactly does high quality mean when it comes to ready mix concrete?

I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘high quality concrete’ being thrown around quite often. Many concrete contractors here in England claim to offer top standard concrete. But, what does quality really mean when it comes to ready mix concrete?

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Before you simply take their word for it, you should understand what it means when it comes to concrete. As someone who has years of experience as a concrete contractor, today I’ll tell you what high quality concrete really means. I’ll also discuss why you should be ordering only top-quality concrete for your projects, so make sure to read through till the end.

What exactly is high quality concrete?

For concrete to be termed as ‘high quality’, it must meet the BS8500 and other relevant British standards of quality. Several organisations such as BSI and QSRMC offer certifications for high standard concrete here in England. For ready mix concrete to meet the standards,, the entire concrete mixing process matters. This includes everything from the materials used in the concrete to the use of technology in mixing.

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Why you should order only high-quality concrete?

There are several reasons why you should order only high-quality concrete, regardless of the project you’re working on.

Using it will ensure that your project will last as long as possible. Whether your project requires entire loads or concrete or not, you must always stick with high standards. You may be thinking that projects which require partial loads can do without it. However, this is a mistake as partial or hot loads of concrete can easily become brittle and weak over time. When it comes to providing structural support or expansion joint protection, you cannot overlook the importance of using high quality concrete.

Top quality concrete is certified to perform under repeated stress without cracking. This allows structures to last much longer than they otherwise would. Finally, another reason to go with it is that contractors often provide warranties. While concrete does experience wear and tear over time, high quality concrete does so much slower. Going with concrete of high quality will allow you to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the product is guaranteed.

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When it comes to finding high quality ready mix concrete in London, Berkshire and Surrey, look no further than Mister Concrete. We might even be your best choice. As a company committed to offering the best quality services, we’re proud to be certified by the BSI. We bear the BSI kitemark of quality on our products, which goes to show that our concrete is certified to be of high quality. Whether you’re looking for ready mixed concrete for your commercial or domestic projects, we can help! Our ready mix concrete is suitable for use in a variety of applications including patios, driveways, underpinnings, footings and building foundations.

Unlike many other concrete contractors, we do not mix our concrete in plants or using ready mix trucks. Rather, we use volumetric trucks onsite for concrete mixing. We follow a well defined and standardised process for concrete mixing and our mixing process is also certified.

Apart from offering ready mix concrete, we also offer concrete pumps on hire and floor screeding among other services. Get in touch with us to find out more about our range of onsite concrete services.


High quality concrete in England refers to concrete that meets the BS8500 and other related standards of quality. Several organisations such as the QSRMC and BSI offer certifications for high quality concrete.

Regardless of the project, you’re working on; you should always order high quality concrete. The concrete of high quality performs better under repeated stress and is very durable. Also, it is not weak or brittle and won’t crack in a short period. Most concrete contractors offer warranties on high quality concrete products.

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