Pumping concrete for over 100 meters using a line pump

Sometimes a line pump is the only way of getting a ready mix to a hardly accessible place. On this job in particular, based in South West London, we had to pump the batch for over 100 meters.

concrete pump, house under reconstruction

We cannot stop emphasising how helpful it is when using a pump. Many of our customers do not realise that investing money into the pump hire will eventually lower their cost. You might ask why? Well, imagine getting few m3 of concrete from the main road to the back of the garden (in this case it was more than 100 meters).

mister concrete pump, concrete pump, building a house, two builders

First you would need to use a man power to get the concrete using wheelbarrows. This can be quite time demanding and you need to pay your people to do it. Second, it is a hard job to do it manually and last but not least it is quite slow therefore in most of the cases you would need to pay extra for unload time. Concrete pump is a great helper, not only you will save time and money on your people but also there is a great chance that the job will stay clean and concrete will get only where it is supposed to get. 


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