How to Get Concrete Everywhere You Need It?

It doesn't seem like it, but pouring concrete is never an easy job. It requires a certain set of skills, thorough planning and good timing. Especially, when it comes to extremely difficult or inaccessible projects. Imagine a situation when you want to access the second floor of your house. Would you use a wheelbarrow and work yourself nearly to death or rather use a concrete pump – the best thing there is for this kind of jobs?

Manual Labour or a Concrete Pump?

One thing is to work on your project with your own two hands and have a satisfactory feeling that what you achieved was done by you and yourself only. I personally admire this approach but when it comes to larger or more difficult projects, it is very good to involve every possible alternative of a “helping hand” you can find. Pouring concrete into ready and fixed form work when the temperature is at pleasant 20°C is superb, but pouring it into a patio going up a steep hill, that´s a completely different story.

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When Hire a Concrete Pump?

The answer is easy: Whenever it is necessary. But when is it really necessary? This answer is also very easy: Whenever you have the feeling that your project is too difficult for your two hands to handle. Or simply, ask a company that´s delivering concrete to your site if they also provide this sort of services. Or … contact us here and will provide you with more specific details on how to handle your project. 

Types of Pumps

When we talk about pumps, there are two basic types: boom concrete pump and line pump. The first mentioned is mounted to a semi-truck and uses a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm (a boom). This type of pumps is largely used on most of the huge construction projects because these pumps are able to pump concrete in very high volumes.

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The line pump is smaller and attached to the back of a truck or placed on a trailer; therefore it is also known as trailer-mounted concrete pump. In order to operate correctly, it needs manually attached steel or flexible concrete placing hoses to its outlet. These can be linked together to lead wherever you need to pump the concrete. This pumping system is used for rather small projects – slab foundation of a house, sidewalks, patios, etc.

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In conclusion, hiring a concrete pump, whether boom concrete or line pump, is totally up to you. You need to know whether it is in your power to finish your project without any help or you will take few shortcuts and save a great amount of energy. The question of cost is in place, of course, but you need to take into consideration the comfort and saved time as well. If these are of the essence, there is nothing easier than looking at someone doing your “dirty work” for you.

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