Fibre Floor Screed supply by Mister Concrete

As part of our concrete service we supply Fibre Floor Screed in  London and Surrey which is suitable for underfloor heating. We supply semi-dry screed with fiber and optional admixture “Retarder”.

When you buy to screed from concrete company is very important to get the right amount of the fiber glass and retarder. 

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What is fiber and why it is being mixed in to the screed?

The use of fibres increases tensional strength, impact resistance and overall durability, whilst inhibiting plastic shrinkage cracking, settlement cracking, and thermal cracking induced by freeze / thaw cycles.

It is very important to keep the strength of concrete as the thickest of screed for Underfloor heating is recommended between 60-75mm. As we know the concrete is very fragile in thin layer. And here comes the fiber glass where it plays an important role to reinforce the concrete. 

Underfloor heating

What is retarder and why you add it to concrete/cement?

Concrete setting times can be adjusted with retarders. Concrete retarders control the time when it will set hard, keeping the workable viscous.

Retarders decrease the rate of cement hydration, acting in a manner opposite to that of accelerators so you have more time to work with it. 

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