Concrete construction safety: Make sure you follow these important rules

Concrete is an incredibly strong and versatile material that is used in most types of construction. There are many different types of concrete and concrete is also very easy to work with. Thanks to this, concrete is used in a variety of applications in industrial, residential and commercial construction.

While concrete is a relatively safe material, you do need to take some precautions when working with concrete. This is because concrete contains certain chemicals and compounds which can cause skin irritation. Prolonged contact to ready mixed concrete can also cause chemical skin burns. Apart from this, concrete dust can also be very harmful to the eyes and the respiratory system.

While concrete is a relatively safe material, you do need to take some precautions when working with concrete.

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As someone who has been a concrete supplier in England for several years now, today we will offer you some tips on concrete safety. Regardless of what project you’re undertaking, if you’re working with raw concrete, make sure to follow these concrete construction safety tips.

1. Protect exposed areas of your body

Like already mentioned, raw concrete can damage your skin if it is allowed to come in contact for too long. That’s why you should take necessary precautions to protect all exposed areas of your body.

First, ensure that you use waterproof rubber gloves when you’re handling raw concrete. While rubber gloves will protect your skin, they’ll also make it easier for you to work with concrete.

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You should always wear safety glasses when you’re working with concrete to protect your eyes from concrete dust. You should also consider wearing earplugs to protect your ears. And also make sure to wear a hard construction hat whenever you’re working onsite.

While you should always ensure to protect exposed skin, sometimes your skin may come into contact with concrete. If this happens, make sure to wash the skin thoroughly and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Cement burns are often disfiguring, and pain is not felt for hours, so make sure to pay attention immediately.

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2. Consider ergonomics

When it comes to working with concrete on a construction site, ergonomics must be considered. This is because concrete will need to be transported around the site after mixing. If you don’t pay attention to ergonomics, you will end up doing a lot of extra work, which can hurt your back or body.

To ensure that your construction project goes smoothly, in case you are mixing concrete by yourself, place concrete mixer close to the area of construction. When doing larger project and using ready mix concrete delivered by truck or mixed on site using volumetric truck consider ordering concrete pump too. Pump will ensure you will get concrete to wherever you need without doing any mess therefore minimising risk of accident. Use proper tools and equipment to transport and carry concrete around and use proper techniques for handling equipment and moving materials.

Also, concrete work may require you to do a lot of pushing, pulling, bending, carrying, lifting and holding. Whatever you do, make sure to keep your body relaxed and in a natural position. Rotate job tasks and take breaks to prevent hurting your back or your body.

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3. Take care of the machinery and vehicles

The vehicles and machinery used in concrete work are often the cause of mishaps. To ensure concrete safety, you must understand how the machinery works and use it properly. Make sure that all machine guards are in place and in working condition before you try operating anything. You can also make use of spotters to pay immediate attention to any onsite accidents.

As for vehicles, make sure that your concrete truck is parked on a level surface. Also, for proper concrete construction safety, ensure that you always have clear access to the concrete truck with enough overhead access as well.

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When it comes to concrete construction safety, you need to take certain precautions and follow some important rules. First of all, always make sure to protect your skin, eyes and exposed areas of your body from coming in contact with concrete. Second, ensure that you consider the ergonomics of your construction site. Finally, make sure to consider the importance of the machinery and vehicles used in your construction project. By following these basic tips, you will be able to prevent mishaps from happening onsite.

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If you are interested in learning more about health & safety in work no matter of how big your business is, go to HSE: Health and safety executive website to find out more.

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