Concrete as an Interior Design Element

Nowadays, everybody looks for uniqueness. Many companies want to show their identity in as blatant way as possible. Individualism is also visible at our homes, not only offices. Urbanism is present at every corner and concrete has significant place in this lifestyle. High quality concrete can be used not only on building purposes, but also as an eye-catching decoration. It is frequently used by both residential and commercial customers for many purposes whether outside or inside.

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Concrete screed floor

At the beginning, floor screed mix was especially used only for commercial purposes as flooring in factories, storage facilities, garages and other types of industrial buildings. As time is passing, this building material has begun gaining its popularity amongst residential developers as well, though.

Nowadays, we can find it as the perfect type of flooring for any office, house or flat. If treated and approached properly, it may be a very stylish element for your household and therefore beautiful designer feature. You can order your own ready mix screed from our offer.

Why is screed floor good for you?

This type of floor is perfect because, if poured and treated properly, it does not crack; there are not any gaps or joints and, therefore, it is easier to keep your floor cleaner. Another feature is that this type of flooring is very resistant but is not suitable for everybody. It has quite stark, technical look and it is hence not very suitable for very romantic souls.

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But people who enjoy simplicity of this nature will be very satisfied because it does not take much effort to keep it in perfect, good looking and almost everlasting shape. Do not imagine that we talk about grey awful looking stuff. Floor screed mixes can have numerous colours. They can be polished and sandblasted. And they can get a smooth or velvet look.

Industrial look in interior design

As mentioned above, urban look is on its peak and people are getting far less afraid to use concrete despite the fact it is very distinctive material (or maybe because of this?). Walls made of concrete are polished and their surface is smoothed into perfection.

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Also combinations with wooden panelling or wood are inspirational and stylish, in general. If done precisely, this choice can look good and at the same time be very modern.

Concrete furniture

Designers are going crazy when it comes to furniture – concrete lamps, concrete seating, storage cubes in combination with wood veneer, concrete tables, clock and the list goes even further.

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Concrete countertops

Kitchen is the part of your home where it can get really “crazy”. We have mentioned screed floor made of concrete mix, concrete walls polished or coloured according to your wishes and all these can be nicely put together in your kitchen together with concrete countertops. The important thing is that your interior designer needs to make sure that their calculations are correct because the tops are quite heavy and need to be set on proper foundation.

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