8 interesting facts about concrete you might not know

Today, everyone knows that concrete is one of the most important and strong materials used in construction by professionals and engineers. But, did you know that concrete was also utilized back in the days by Romans due to its immense strength and durability? Here are some more interesting facts showing the history of concrete and importance of concrete that you might not know:

1. Concrete used by Romans was different from concrete being used today. Back in the days, Romans used water, volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius, and lime to produce concrete for the construction purposes.

Roma, Roma building, ancient buildings in Roma

2. Reinforced concrete is extremely resistant to fire and water. It is the reason engineers and professionals build underwater structures using that concrete only. The reinforced concrete was invented by Joseph Monier in 1849. The first reinforced concrete bridge was built in 1889.

3. Concrete is an excellent material for building roads because Concrete has high compressive quality and it can be poured so as to match the shape, design, and size of different roads.

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4. Every year, concrete companies are producing more than two billion tons of concrete that is utilized for construction in industrial, commercial and residential properties.

5. Because concrete is very practical to construction purposes, and the fact that it is comprised of the most abundant mineral on the planet, called Limestone, it is utilized twice as much in the construction industry than any other material.

crane construction

6. The concrete mixture is normally produced from cement, water, sand, gravel and air. This kind of construction material is pretty well known in light of the fact that most of the components used in its mixture are accessible in a lot of quantities everywhere.

7. The concrete usually features neutral or rather simple appearance, however, in the event that you need to enhance its design, you can utilize various types of coatings. These coatings can make the solid floors more resistant to wear and tear and can likewise feature the artworks and various types of colors.

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8. The concrete slabs can be drilled, sawed and cut by using diamonds. Normally, the Diamond Head is very tough and durable, and it can simply cut the solid concrete slabs so that the engineers can undertake the maintenance and repairing project afterward.

You might note that today’s concrete is a completely different composition if we see the history of concrete. However it is still widely utilized in the construction purposes more than any other material because of its durability, versatility and the fact that it is extremely energy efficient. 



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