15 tools you should have ready before starting any concrete work

If you’re looking to work with raw concrete, you need a set of essential tools. Here’s a list of 15 tools that you might need for working with raw concrete. Make sure to arrange the tools you need before you start any project involving raw concrete.

1. Mixers

A mixer is an absolute essential for working with raw concrete. Concrete mixing makes it highly durable and ensures maximum strength. Unless you’re going with a ready-mix concrete producer such as us at Mister Concrete, you’ll need a mixer.

concrete mixer

2. Gloves

Raw concrete mixes contain caustic compounds that can cause harm to the skin if kept in contact for extended periods. Rubber gloves can help protect the skin from such concrete burns.

3. Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows are great for moving small amounts of concrete around a site. They can also be used to transport tools, samples or waste around.

wheelbarrow concrete

4. Workboots

DIY concrete is stiff, and they can easily cause damage to normal boots. Ensure that all workers onsite wear waterproof rubber work boots to protect their feet.

5. Safety glasses

Safety glasses are a standard with most job sites, and this holds for the raw concrete pour as well. Safety glasses will protect the eyes of workers and also enable them to work more efficiently.

safety clothing

6. Shovels

No concrete job can do without a shovel. Shovels help level grades and fill in gaps after a concrete pour. They can also be used to fill buckets with sand, fill wheelbarrows and also for mixing concrete and cleaning spills.

shovel and bucket

7. Digging bar

Digging bars are excellent for breaking up hard ground or to create larger gaps. They are also a great tool when you need extra leverage.

8. Screeds

Screeds are necessary to level concrete after pouring. They are available in a range of sizes. Make sure to choose according to the requirements of your project.


9. Vibrators

Vibrators can help you release air pockets and excess water from a poured concrete mix. They’re available in a range of options, and you can choose something that suits your preferences.

concrete vibrator

10. Tape measures

As the saying goes, ‘measure twice, pour once’. This is true for working with DIY concrete pours. Tape measures will help you measure slab depths and concrete form and also for mapping and testing placement.

tape measure

11. Vapour retarders

Vapour retarders are barriers that help control evaporation on a concrete surface. They also help prevent water from reaching the finished surface during concrete mixing.

12. Saws

Concrete joints always need to be cut when the concrete is setting. Whether it is a circular saw or a reciprocating saw, make sure to have something before you commence pouring concrete.

circular saw

13. Floats

After screeding, there may still exist small voids on a freshly poured concrete surface. Floats such as bull floats and mag floats can help fill such voids with ease.

bull float

14. Groove cutters

Grooving the surface of concrete prevents damage from shrinkage and from cracking. Groove cutters also lend a smoother finish to a concrete surface.

groove cutter

15. Pail and bucket

Finally, no concrete mixing project can do without a pail and bucket. With changing weather conditions as we experience here, managing concrete can get difficult. At such times, a hint of water can help manage the finishing process. 


If you’re looking to work with raw concrete, you need a set of 15 essential tools. These include mixers, gloves, wheelbarrows, work boots, safety glasses, shovels, digging bars, screeds, vibrators, tape measures, vapour retarders, saws, floats, groove cutters and pails and buckets. Make sure not to start any concrete work before you’ve arranged the ones you will be needing.

And, if you’re considering going with a ready-mix concrete producer for onsite concrete mixing, consider us at Mister Concrete. We’re concrete specialists, and we can help you with all your onsite concrete mix needs.

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