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Concreting is a very complex process. You need to take into consideration many important facts before even starting building your project. We talked a bit about this matter in our previous article-> Think Ahead when Building Solid Concrete Foundation: 5 Important Facts before the Beginning. One of the most important things taken into consideration should be the use of either ready mix concrete or hiring a supplier that can do on-site mixing for you.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone who has ever done concreting knows that it is not a job for a few hours. Another thing is that you need a really solid plan of how to proceed when building a strong foundation of any structure. One of the most important questions is the question of the volume of concrete you are going to need for your building. When you buy concrete mixed in a plant (ready mix concrete) you need to be quite near the plant because the ideal time for pouring concrete into formwork is approximately 45 minutes.

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What do you save when you hire a volumetric mixing truck?

There are several answers to this question. The first thing is that you save time and we all know that time is money. By hiring a supplier with a fleet of volumetric mixing trucks you are not bound to anything. You can hire these whenever you need and whenever it suits you the best. Is the weather forecast bad for this week? Hire them for the next one.

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Another important thing is that you are sometimes not sure of the volume you will need. Therefore it is quite useful to hire a supplier that can mix your concrete right at the spot of your site. They can adjust the volume according to your precise needs and nothing gets wasted. The added value is that you do not make additional waste and hence you don´t need to pay more money for your construction waste disposal.

Everything summarized, you save time, therefore money and also energy.

Concrete prices of ready-mix and on-site mix concrete differ significantly. As mentioned above the volume influences the prices of your concrete delivery. Ready-mix concrete ordered from a mixing plant should be used when you need a bigger volume of concrete. The on-site mixed concrete is cheaper when it comes to volume. You can save up to 90% if we talk about General concrete mix 1:5.

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Last but not least thing is that you don´t need to work yourself – the hired personnel does everything to your satisfaction. You are the boss at your site and everything is under your command and control. This is how you save your energy and do not need to hire any extra help. Some suppliers provide also an option to hire a concrete pump which is most suitable for smaller or difficult projects, e.g. concreting in heights or complicated structures.


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